How Can the RTP Instantly Boost Your Bankroll on Online Casino Games

Whether you’re a beginner or professional gambler, choosing a suitable online casino involves thorough research. With so many published payout levels and statistics which are monitored by leading gambling authorities and 3rd party auditors, gamblers have all the information at their finger-tips.

However, picking out the right casino is a time-consuming process if you don’t know what statistics to consider.

So, to help you out, we’ve put together a brief about the Return to Player statistic which is the most influential metric in the online gambling world.

What is RTP?

The return to player (or RTP) is the percentage of any real money wager which the casino pays back to players over a specific period. The higher the percentage, the more often gamblers can win wagering on a game over time.

For example, if you place 100 wagers of £10 on a slot, you could expect to receive £900 in winnings. So, the RTP is the opposite of the house advantage. If a game has a 30% house advantage, the RTP stands at 70%.

The RTP for each casino game is a theoretical calculation based on real wagers and winnings in an online gambling environment. The RTP only shows the average estimate for a casino game. So, only wager what you’re prepared to lose.

But the UK Gambling Commission provides that all online casinos which are regulated by this authority should display payout rates and RTP levels. So, players who choose casinos regulated by the UK competent authorities can easily check the RTP of any online casino.

Calculating RTP

The basic formula for calculating RTP for a casino game involves the total value of money returned to gamblers divided by the value of real money wagers.

The total value of money returned to gamblers is the net value won by a gambler during a game’s round.

The total value of real money wagers is the total of every wager placed per round by each player for the considered period on a certain casino game. Usually, the period considered is 1 month.

However, a simulated approach can also be considered to calculate the RTP. This involves simulating each possible winning combination to establish the theoretical RTP rate. Complex software calculates an assessment of payout combos using the payout table integrated by the games’ software providers. And simulator programs help by breaking down huge winning combination quantities.

Best RTP Casino Games

While the flexibility of RTP for casino games depends on the levels set by the gaming software provider, online casinos can increase or decrease it to suit their customers’.

To enjoy the best chances of beating online slot games, you should understand what its RTP% is. Or, how much of the money you put in you can expect to receive back in winnings. For example, if a slot machine’s RTP stands at 93%, you can expect to receive £93 for every £100 that you wager.

So, for real chances of big winnings, you should aim for slots which have RTPs higher than 95%. But, how can you check a slot’s RTP? Well, most gaming software providers offer information on dedicated sites. However, reputable online casinos publish each game’s RTP to increase trustworthiness and provide complete fairness across the entire online gambling platform.

RTP in Online Poker

Poker fans can enjoy a wide range of virtual online poker games provided by leading casinos worldwide. Aside from enjoying top-quality graphics and the high performance of the games, you’re also guaranteed high RTP rates of over 95%.

However, for the best RTPs, enter the Live section of your favourite online casino and place your bets on your preferred version of poker. Online poker games usually offer RTPs of around 99%. A high RTP will allow you to play for longer and turn over your bankroll more times during a wagering session.

You can play different variants of online poker including Casino Hold’em, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, 3 Card Poker, or Caribbean Stud Poker.

Wrapping It Up

Gamblers worldwide can enjoy a thrilling and unmatchable wagering experience at their favourite online casino by choosing games with increased RTPs.

If you’re passionate about slots games, check for RTPs higher than 95% for big wins. However, if you’re a poker fan, you can choose virtual or live poker games at top ranking online casinos. Look for high RTPs and you’ll immediately increase your bankroll.